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Understanding How Lighting Affects Your Sleep Quality

Many people are in the habit of falling asleep while watching TV in the evening. Unfortunately, falling asleep with the lights on can interfere with the quality of your sleep. Light exposure stimulates certain reactions in the brain that involve your hormone levels, body...

Understanding Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a complex and disruptive chronic sleep disorder characterized by frequent attacks of uncontrollable daytime sleepiness or drowsiness. 1 out of 2000 people may suffer from narcolepsy. Causes: Although the exact cause is unknown and may vary from individual to...

Understanding the Connection Between Stress and Insomnia

Stress comes in many forms. It can result from high performance demands in the workplace. It can develop due to heavy financial obligations. Stress is also common when conflict arises between friends or family members. No matter the cause of stress, too much of it can lead to...

How Sleep Apnea Differs for Women

A woman with untreated sleep apnea abruptly stops sleeping multiple times throughout the night. It’s critical to diagnose and treat sleep apnea sooner, rather than later, because the condition can lead to serious medical problems, including cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately,...

Why Snoring May Be a Sign of a More Serious Problem

Snoring is often temporary, caused by factors such as alcohol consumption and congestion. However, if your partner repeatedly complains of your snoring, it’s time to visit a sleep center for an evaluation. Snoring may not always be harmless; in fact, it can indicate a more...

Sleep Myths that Can Actually Make You More Tired

Millions of Americans report having difficulty sleeping, and many of them have insomnia or another type of sleep disorder. If there is a possibility that you have a sleep disorder, it’s important to seek an accurate diagnosis at a sleep center. The physicians at the sleep center...

“Thank you Dr. Molin and staff!” – Zeeba Sleep Center Review

on Cast Page I had no idea how severe my sleep apnea was, my wife strongly urged me to have a sleep study done and just see if there was a problem. I was pleasantly surprised how easy the process was and how at ease the staff made me feel from the moment I arrived until I left...

Signs You Should Be Tested for Sleep Apnea

Could sleep apnea be keeping you from enjoying a restful night’s sleep? This sleep disorder can make sufferers wake up multiple times during the night, yet few people are conscious of this complication. As a result, they might contend with their problem for months or years at a...

How Childhood Obesity Leads to Sleep Disorders

In addition to placing children at an increased risk of developing hardened arteries and diabetes, childhood obesity can also lead to sleep disorders. Overweight kids have an increased incidence of sleep-related disorders, including obstructive sleep apnea and sleep-disordered...

Understanding What Sleep Deprivation Does to Your Health

A poor night’s sleep now and again may not be cause for concern, but over time sleep deprivation can significantly impact your health. Lack of sleep affects both your mental and physical functioning, leading to stress and difficulty performing tasks. If you have been experiencing...