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The Hidden Dangers of Untreated Sleep Apnea

If you have sleep apnea and are not currently receiving treatment, your health could be in jeopardy. Many people fail to understand just how dangerous sleep apnea can be, and therefore put off seeking medical care until a crisis occurs. Watch this video to discover a few dangers...

How Lack of Sleep Impacts Your Physical Appearance

In today’s hectic world, far too many people consider sleep to be optional. Even if you try to get the recommended amount of sleep every night, sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia can thwart your efforts. Sleep is vital for optimal functioning. Without adequate...

Recognizing the Symptoms of Narcolepsy

With only 50,000 diagnosed cases nationwide, narcolepsy is not a very common sleep disorder. Still, it is a disturbing disorder for those who suffer from it. Experts estimate that as many as 200,000 people across the country have the disorder, which means there could be as many...

Zeeba Sleep Center Review on Google – “improved my quality of life”

7/29/13 on Google Dr. Molin and his team has not only improved my quality of life but also my wife’s quality of life. I no longer snore or stop breathing, giving her a relaxed and quite full night of rest. We both are able to sleep through out the night and wake up...

How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Teen’s Mood

Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to sleep troubles caused by their changing bodies and challenging schedules. Too little sleep has far-reaching effects on both the body and mind, lowering more than just your teen’s physical and academic performance. Sleep deprivation often...

Common Sleep Disorders in Teens

Teenagers lead busy, stressful lives. Sleep disorders that affect their ability to get a healthy night’s sleep can have long-lasting effects, causing irritability, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating on schoolwork. Identifying and treating a sleep problem can drastically...

Sleep Texting: A Growing Problem for Teenagers

Today, teenagers are constantly using devices such as computers, tablets, and phones. Bringing a phone into the bedroom or falling asleep with a phone in hand represents a significant problem for many teens. This video explains that when partly awakened from sleep, teens can...

Zeeba Sleep Center Review – Thanks to Dr. Molin

7/5/13 on Cast page I never thought that I would be a person diagnosed with sleep apnea. “I’m just a person who snores,” I would tell myself. “It’s normal to be tired during the day; I have a stressful job.” Well thanks to Dr. Molin and the...

Why Sleep Deprivation Is a Public Health Concern

A poor night’s sleep means much more than simply feeling tired the next day. Lack of sleep can cause difficulty performing both simple and complex tasks, leading to mistakes that can be costly, embarrassing, or even dangerous. If you have been experiencing trouble sleeping,...

Lifestyle Changes that Can Help Ease Narcolepsy Symptoms

Narcolepsy, which is a neurological disorder, causes excessive daytime sleepiness, known as hypersomnia. If you have narcolepsy, you have falling asleep during the day while conducting normal activities. These sleep attacks are uncontrollable and can occur at any time....