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“I feel much better” – New Review on Our Blog!

8/9/12 on Cast page I HAVE INPROVED MY SLEEPING BY 70 % THANKS TO DR. MOLINE. I FELL MUCH BETTER. HE IS DOING A GREAT JOB. THANKS TO HIM I’M DOING GREAT. JAMES KUJAWA   Zeeba Sleep Center Testimonials Reviews of Zeeba Sleep Center Zeeba Sleep Center Reviews

Discover the Light Study

Losing just 5% of body weight benefits health. A new research study, the Light Study, now enrolling patients at Zeeba Sleep Center. www.thelightstudy.com   The Light Study Sleep Center Las Vegas Sleep Study Las Vegas Zeeba Sleep Center

Common Signs of Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a chronic sleep disorder that causes excessive fatigue in the daytime and the sudden onset of sleep. The following are signs that you may suffer from narcolepsy. Overwhelming Daytime Drowsiness Do you experience overwhelming drowsiness in the daytime? Do you feel...

Research Study!

New long-term weight management research study initiated at Zeeba Sleep Center, visitwww.thelightstudy.com   Weight Management Study Zeeba Sleep Center Research Study Long-Term Weight Management  

Check Out This Great Video!

Zeeba Sleep Center found this great resource for you to use which covers the importance of sleep and the consequences of insufficient sleep. Sleep disorders are currently a major public health concern that affect millions of Americans and their families on a daily basis. The host...

Great Review on Our Blog! Thanks, Judge!

7/25/12 on Cast page The CPA machine has made a hugh difference in my life. Prior to this machine I was not able to handle paper and complete business matters. Now I am able to read, make a decision, and file papers, the first time that I handle a paper. Going to bed earlier and...

Determining if You are Suffering from True Insomnia

When people have trouble sleeping, they may believe that they are suffering from insomnia. While insomnia is a common condition, the only way to know for sure whether you suffer from it or have simply had a bad night’s sleep is to undergo a sleep study. Review these symptoms to...

5-Star Review on Our Blog!

6/27/12 on Cast page I’ve had Narcolepsy since I was about 15 years old (31 now) and was just diagnosed with it a year ago. I wasn’t satisfied with the care and support of my neurologist, so I started looking at other Las Vegas doctors that could help me. I left my...

What is Narcolepsy?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmXSJooA6T4 Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder in which the brain is unable to regulate the correct times for sleeping and being awake. This disease can cause overwhelming feelings of sleepiness at the most inopportune times throughout the day....